The ABC Flying Club is one of the oldest established flying clubs in Pennsylvania. Founded in 1949. The club aircraft consists of the three aircraft. All aircraft are equipped with Garmin 430W, GMA340 audio panels and STEC System 30 autopilots with altitude hold capability. All aircraft are IFR approved for GPS “precision” LPV approaches. This makes these aircraft among the best equipped aircraft available.

All aircraft are kept in hangars at AGC – Allegheny County Airport.


ABC Flying Club is the oldest flying club in the Pennsylvania, and one of the oldest in the country. The club was incorporated in 1949 when 5 members each purchased a share of stock for $200. They purchased an Aeronca Chief, a fabric-covered, two-seat, no radio, 65 horsepower aircraft for $1,000. Over the years the philosophy that the members actually own the aircraft, pay fixed costs of ownership through monthly dues, and operating costs through an hourly charge, has enabled the club to grow from a 5 member, one plane club to a 30 member club with three airplanes. The hangars were built in 2012 on the east end of the airport near runway 31. Currently the club’s fleet consists of a Cessna 182 Skylane, a Cessna 177 Cardinal and a Grumman AA-5B Tiger. All are IFR equipped. A majority of members are instrument rated. More than sixty five years later the purpose of the charter is still appropriate:

  • To encourage interest in aviation
  • To provide safe, economical transportation and flight training for its members
  • To advance the knowledge of its members in aeronautical and aviation subjects
  • To bring to more people the social benefits and pleasure of flying

Membership Benefits

There are no hourly minimums. Members pay only for the actual hours flown. Planes are available for weekends and vacations with few restrictions. Membership is held at 30 to provide good access to flying time. An online scheduling service provides efficient aircraft scheduling. A limited number of membership shares are now available from current members. Pilots with at least a private pilot certificate and single engine land rating are eligible to join.

Competitive Costs:

Monthly Dues: $300

Hourly Operating Costs (Tach time! Wet): $150/hr (Tiger), $150/hr (Cardinal) and $150/hr (Skylane)

All Costs are subject to change Due to Changes in operating costs


For membership information call Ron DeBerardinis, President (412) 915-0150